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Location — Doherty’s Gym Perth

Personal Training Perth
& Online Coaching

I’m a personal trainer based in Perth, Western Australia. Providing a full suite of solutions to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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My Philosophy

If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

This is how we’ll achieve your fitness & lifestyle goals:

  • Custom Nutrition Coaching
  • Personalised Training Plans
  • Weekly Checkins & Ongoing Support
  • Results Bases Approach

Hiring a personal trainer can be hard at times but we take the time to learn and understand your situation, so we can set realistic goals.

Over the years we have created structures that deliver effective results, based on the flexibility of your lifestyle.

As a client you will have a completely personalised approach to your fitness journey, putting you in the best place to achieve your goals.

Personal Training

The Services I Provide

I offer result based approach to training and nutrition, we will get you
the results you want quicker than you thought possible.

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Blogs & Resources

My blogs and resources section helps provide you with tips and tricks with:

  • Training and Nutrition
  • Lifestyle and Balance
  • In the Gym Motivation
  • How to Achieve Sustainable Results
Finding The Right Coach

Finding The Right Coach

Getting the right coach can be a daunting prospect. Not every coach/client relationship works...

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Life Changing Coaching

Life Changing Coaching

Coaching people for me is all about that connection. Those moments and relationships where...

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Why I Started

Why I Started

We all have that memory of why we started in the gym. That reason...

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The Independent and USA Today

A feature story about Odhran McCorry was also seen on the online homes of major publications such as Yahoo! Finance (UK and US), CNBC, The Boston Globe, CBS Moneywatch, Morningstar, Los Angeles Daily News and MarketWatch, among many others.