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Odhran McCorry

My name is Odhran McCorry, I am a 31 year old Irish Personal Trainer based in Perth, Western Australia.

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About Me

Having graduated with an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science from
the prestigious Liverpool John Moores University in 2009 I entered the world of
Personal Training and have loved every minute since.

In the first four years of my PT career I became my hometowns number 1 trainer for results and was featured in USA Today and The Independent newspapers as a result of my reputation.

After moving to Glasgow in January 2014, I quickly established myself as a muscle building and weight loss expert working with a vast variety of clients in the cities busiest gym.

Having relocated to Perth, Western Australia with my wife in January 2018 I have done exactly the same again. Based out of the prestigious Dohertys Gym Perth, I have became a popular coach with a proven record of results based training with a personal friendly approach along the way.

Now I want you to be part of my team so you can get the same fantastic results my previous clients have achieved. By using a results based approach to training and nutrition, I’ll get you the results you want quicker than you thought possible, so if you’re seeking results and don’t know where to turn then you’re the type of client I love to work with.

If you want a trainer who’ll take a 100% individual approach then I’m your man. As an advanced nutrition specialist from numerous Nutrition certifications, I’ll get you a personalised nutrition plan based on to maximise your results, health and vitality. No client is the same as the next, so this personalised approach will extend to your training as well with factors such as fitness, stress and health markers all factored in.

After investing heavily in learning from the world’s experts in my specialist areas, I truly feel I am in the best position to get you the results you deserve and will work tirelessly to help you get there.

Come and join me at the best gym in the west – Dohertys Gym Perth, and let’s take your physique, health and results to a new level together.

Personal Training

The Services I Provide

I offer result based approach to training and nutrition, we will get you
the results you want quicker than you thought possible.

Let's Thrive Together

How I Can Help You

I work with a wide variety of clients ranging from weight loss,
competition/photoshoot prep, muscle gain or general wellbeing. The common thing my
clients have is a willingness to change and a desire to learn.

Early Stages

I started my journey in the fitness world when I attended Liverpool John Moores University where I graduated with an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science. While studying there the option to train as a Level 2 Gym Instructor came up and I jumped at the chance as going to the gym was a passion for me.

Following university I then went on to get a job in a local council gym, where I worked with members on programming and equipment use. One of my colleagues invited me to do my Level 3 Personal Training course with him in Belfast and the rest is history.

My Career

After establishing myself as a top trainer in my hometown of Newry, Northern Ireland I decided the next logical step for me was to move to a big city to challenge myself being a smaller fish in a bigger pond.

Pure Gym on Bath Street in Glasgow was my home for four years between January 2014 to November 2017 and I worked hard to change the lives of my clients who you can see here across my success stories.

After relocating to Perth I quickly set up home in the epic new facilities at Dohertys Gym Perth on Edward Street, Perth 6000. With unbelievable equipment and a friendly, professional atmosphere this gym was the ideal location for me to make a home away from home for me and my clients.