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Finding The Right Coach

admin - October 21, 2019 - 0 comments

Getting the right coach can be a daunting prospect. Not every coach/client relationship works out for varying reasons so it’s understandable if your hesitant about picking a coach.

If you’re reading this you maybe have just joined a gym or have been going it alone for a while and want better results. You want a coach who can get you where you want to be, but your money is valuable and a huge factor in the decision so you want to make sure you don’t waste it.

Step one is to look at the coaches social media feed. Check their content, results and client testimonials to see if they are a coach who you believe in and trust while also getting along with. I have always invested in coaches along my journey and the best results have came in the past 12 months working with one of my good friends, someone who I trust and don’t want to let down by not putting the effort in.

Remember you are not paying for a session or a training/diet plan. Yes these are tools which you will be provided with but what you are really paying for is the support along the way. The motivation, the weekly checkins to push you towards your goals and the ever changing diet plan based on your checkins.

Your training plan will be the driving force towards your goals alongside your nutrition plan. However while the diet may change on a weekly basis based on progress the backbone of your weight training plan should remain the same for 12-16 weeks. Activity may increase with cardio added if on a cut for example but your weights programme should be carried out until you have maximised the progress on that plan. Don’t be a programme hopper always changing variables without seeing the true potential of a plan. Your coach will have a game plan for your training and if you truly trust them then it will work.

Finally, if for whatever reason your relationship with your coach isn’t working out due to personal differences or they can’t work out your body then they should be comfortable enough to refer you on to another trainer who could serve you better than your current coach. A real coach will care more about your happiness and results than money.