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Why I Started

admin - October 21, 2019 - 0 comments

We all have that memory of why we started in the gym. That reason why we first hopped on a treadmill or picked up our first weight!

What was your reason?

For me it was simple… I was a quiet, shy kid who was very introverted (still am a bit today) and therefore I seen myself as inferior to the popular, athletic kids in school.

I still fit in and had friends, but my lack of confidence and quiet personality always stopped me from standing up for myself in certain situations and to be honest made me feel helpless at times when school banter got out of hand.

For me the gym was that escape and I still remember asking my dad for a subscription to Men’s Health magazine so I could follow the advice and get a cover model body.

That worked for a while and I have learned a lot over the years which has added immensely to my results.

My physique goal is still ongoing and will probably never be complete. I am a perfectionist now and will always strive for better.

But mentally, I am a different man.

The confidence I have gained in myself from building my physique from the ground up is unbeatable. Couple this with the mindset shift which has come with training over the years and I am unrecognisable to the guy who first picked up a weight.

If I could look back to that little 15 year old guy, I would tell him:

“keep going, because its going get better”…

I’m now telling you the same. regardless of where you are in life you can change your body and your mind to achieve ANYTHING you dream possible.

You just need to take that leap of faith…